We have designed several Managed Service offerings that provide targeted expertise and support where our Clients typically need it most should they choose not to fully outsource their Customer Experience Management support requirements.

Our Managed Service offerings, which include fully outsourced Contact Center operations, as well as targeted support services such as Managed Quality Assurance, Workforce Management, and Managed Analytics, allows our Clients to optimize CX delivery outcomes while protecting revenue and improving profitability.

Managed Analytics

Our Managed Analytics practice supports our clients in harnessing both structured and unstructured data, to unlock insights that drive cost improvement, product improvement, and revenue growth for their business. Our text and speech mining capabilities help you turn raw data into knowledge and insights.

Managed Analytics focuses on three support towers: Interactive, Connected, and Intelligent.

NTT Managed Experience

Experience evolution doesn’t start with technology. It’s about finding smarter ways of doing business in order to stay relevant, competitive, and continuously innovate.

Managed Services Infographic

Managed Workforce Management

Our Workforce Management as a Service offering (WFMaaS) allows Clients to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools to maximize efficiency, mapping relevant human expertise as per customers’ requirements. From forecasting and scheduling, through Intra Day Management, we help identify, deploy, and optimize front line support to ensure a great customer and employee experience. WFMaaS is available as part of a broader suite of end-to-end CX solutions, or as a standalone offering providing targeted expertise and support.

Managed Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance as a Service (QaaS) supports overall continuous improvement efforts by leveraging NTT expertise in not only assessing and scoring customer interactions, but in identifying key support and coaching opportunities that elevate business performance.

QaaS models include both human listening, scoring and feedback model, as well as a fully automated approach that leverages Natural Language Processing to mine both speech and text interactions. We also offer hybrid models that blend both approaches for a balanced scorecard approach. Our fully automated QaaS approach delivers deeper insights at speed, with the ability to mine a far greater number of interactions with greater accuracy, and objectivity. Automated listening and analytics models are leveraged to obtain targeted insights based on business requirements.