We have 8 facilities across Canada and one offshore facility in Manila manned by our passionate people and entrenched relationships with local communities.


Toronto, Ontario

Our Toronto facility was originally a factory that made landing signals for the Toronto Pearson airport.


Montreal, Quebec

Our well-lit Montreal facility was previously a shopping centre and then a car lot before it metamorphized into our site.


Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa site was originally a Beaver Lumber warehouse and the locals still refer to it that way even after 20 years.


Sudbury, Ontario

Our Sudbury site was once a property of the CRA.

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Our Bridgewater site was a hospital earlier and in a weird coincidence, our current site director was actually born in the same building.


Orangeville, Ontario

The Orangeville site was constructed on a reclaimed swamp area and we have a boardroom there to honor one of our former site directors.


Edmundston, New Brunswick

Our newest site in Edmundston is part of a mall complex – talk about retail therapy!


Manila, Philippines

Our Manila site has a half basketball court that serves as an employee engagement zone.


Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Our most scenic site is Yarmouth located at the western most end of Nova Scotia.